A sea full of possibilities
In a sea of opportunities, it is even more important to make informed decisions. Especially for upcoming investments, a well-founded assessment is crucial to avoid bad investments in the long run. Benefit from many years of experience and receive individual expert opinions to support your decisions.

Expert opinion according to IDW S6

The IDW S6 report is intended to show and justify whether a company can be restructured successfully and sustainably in a crisis situation. In addition to the goal of the operational recovery of the company, the focus in preparing a reorganization report is often also on avoiding liability traps.

Continuation forecasts according to HGB

Within the scope of preparing your annual financial statements, the assessment under commercial law plays a decisive role. Since the result of the commercial law continuation forecast results in the valuation of assets within the balance sheet at book value or liquidation value.

Company evaluation

To determine the „true“ value of a company is one of the most difficult tasks in business administration. This type of expertise supports you in determining the value of your company or company shares when they are transferred, sold or inherited.

Business plan

A business plan shows business opportunities with their risks and chances. To this end, it describes necessary measures to take advantage of the resulting business. The expert opinion on the business plan contains a written assessment of the individual steps of the plan.

Analyses & Feasibility Studies

A feasibility analysis or study includes areview of the technical and economic realizability of projects. Here, possible solutions for a project are assessed with regard to their feasibility. These solution approaches are therefore analyzed, prospects of success assessed and risks identified.

Business management statements and analyses

Economical statements and analyses serve the submission to banks, sponsors or shareholders.


What our clients say

The technically competent consultant of oeconos GmbH has proceeded very profoundly and carefully when examining the circumstances of our company for the preparation of a report and has included me in the considerations at any time. Through the committed and comprehensive assessment, further potentials for the company could be identified.

Norbert Bogner, Operations Manager of Miteinander Leben Service GmbH

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